Kyocera ECHO M9300 hard reset factory settings procedure

Posted by Kim on Wednesday, may 04, 2011

This is on the step by step procedure how to hard reset the Kyocera M9300 ECHO with Android OS v2. 2 (Froyo), 1 GHz Scorpion processor, Qualcomm QSD 8650 Snapdragon.
Please note: to perform a factory reset is only recommended if you the phone to the original factory settings back and some want to resolve abnormal features of the device.
To make a backup copy of your personal data before you continue, as the result of this process all data deleted is installed previously on the device.
This is a simple guide to again reset return the device to the original factory settings.

Factory data reset of Kyocera M9300 ECHO:

(1) On the main home screen, choose in the menu
2. Select settings and then privacy
3. Select factory data reset
4. Select reset phone
The password, if you are prompted to do so, then confirm by selecting delete 5. everything

Kyocera M9300 ECHO hard reset, can this help, if the phone experience some hang or frozen on some applications:

1. Switch off the phone makes. Remove the battery of the device, wait a few seconds, and reset it again.
2. Now, press and hold volume down
3. Press and hold the power button until the device switches
4. A menu show up as: Fastbook, recovery, clear storage and simlock
5. Only you choose clear storage, by you the volume down key
6. Press and release the power button
7. Choose more loudly if yes and quieter for NO

If the reset process completes, the phone to your fresh State factory settings will then restart.
All data, including third-party applications previously stored from the Kyocera M9300 ECHO already wiped or deleted.


  1. wilberpsd said...:

    let go of the power as a soon as the kyocera logo comes up or keep holding?

  1. jeriel steward said...:

    every time I get to the second step thee screen turns black then the charger light turns green instead

  1. there's no hard reset for echo

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  1. Unknown said...:

    How to hard reset kyocera m9300

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